Spearheaded efforts to  ensure solutions are implemented to clear drains and prevent flooding  of homes and businesses.  As a result, County authorized $600 Thousand towards a solution.  

Spearheaded efforts to initiate beach berm build to prevent flooding  of homes. As a result, County builds the berm annually now.

Spearheaded efforts to eliminate drownings in whirlpool in Ballona Creek. As a result, County installed a fence and sign to warn the public of the danger. 

Spearheaded efforts to ensure street safety. As a result, City installed speed humps, traffic controls and street lights.             


Spearheaded efforts to safeguard children near Ballona Wetlands. As a result, City installed signs to improve safety.

Ongoing efforts with LA Police Dept to prevent crime.

Installed Neighborhood Watch signs and lights to illuminate walkways.