Jungle Clean Up

The Jungle Clean Up began in 1977. The founders of this event promoted “the neighborhood is a clean, attractive, and delightful place to live and play.” Some of the original founders, Jeanne Moody and Joann Hudspeth, still live in the Jungle.                   


In the 80’s, Councilwoman Pat Russell enlisted the City to supply our event with tools to clean the neighborhood. Our event has been supported by and is legacy to Councilwoman Ruth Galanter, Councilman Bill Rosendahl and now Councilman Bonin. 

The annual Clean Up has grown and is also supported by many departments in the City and County, including Street Services, Sanitation, Beaches and Harbor, Public Works.

The Clean Up coincides with National Coastal Clean Up Day and our event is dedicated to removing trash from our neighborhood and keeping our beaches clean. 

Generations look forward to this event as this tradition brings the community together and enhances the quality of life in Playa Del Rey.